Quite simply, meditation is a way of teaching your mind to think the right things. It is an inward journey to experience the inner tranquillity of the soul. Meditation cultivates inner strength through which true transformation can take place.

Through meditation:

  • You develop peace of mind, self-respect and happiness
  • Your mind becomes more clear and focused
  • Your memory and concentration improve
  • You are able to face life's challenges with equanimity
  • You can realise your potential
  • You have greater control of your thoughts
  • You are able to make decisions more easily
  • Your quality of sleep improves

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positive living

When you sow a thought you reap an action, when you sow an action you reap a habit, when you sow a habit your reap a character and when you sow a character you reap a destiny.

Thoughts are like seeds. You cannot sow the seed of one plant and get another: thistles will never produce daffodils! When your thoughts are positive, powerful and constructive, your life will reflect this.

The aim of this course is to give an introduction to the understanding of the mind, and through this, to improve all areas of our life.

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stress-free living

A stress management course with insights, methods and strategies for those who want to strive in the new millennium.

Are you listening to the messages?

Few people are able to perceive stress as the most positive sign in their life. Absorbed by the tension, anxiety or fear at the heart of the stress experience, it is not easy to see and to hear what your stress is telling you. It is simply a messenger guiding you back to a state of balance and health.

Aims of the Course:

  • to provide an understanding of the true causes of stress
  • to discover the learning opportunity that stress provides
  • to learn how to recognise, manage & prevent stress
  • to demonstrate and practice the techniques of thinking positively, visualisation and meditation
  • to engage participants in an inquiry into the best way to approach living in the new millennium
  • to clarify issues of personal identity, purpose, meaning and relationship

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What is real self-esteem? Real self-esteem is when, no matter what anyone says or does, you can respond positively. You don't need to get upset because you value yourself.

With self-esteem move towards 2000 with spirituality, empowerment and leadership.

A dynamic, active and interactive course focusing on experiencing and accepting the eternal inner beauty within each one of us, and living it powerfully and consciously in all life's relationships.

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self-management systems

Are you managing yourself? Or are other people, situations and events doing it for you?

In a world of turmoil and confusion, escalating levels of stress and the frequent breakdown of relationships, there is a need for a new kind of education in how to manage 'the self'.

Self Management Systems address the deeper levels of:

  • Building your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Focusing your personal purpose and direction
  • Clarifying your vision and values
  • Understanding the role of your mind and intellect
  • Appreciating the nature of action and reaction.

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