Living Values: An Educational Programme (LVEP)

As we move into the 21st century, the search to improve the quality of education is global. One area of focus has been that of values, attitudes, and behaviour and how to develop these aspects of character in a positive and productive way. How do we empower individuals to choose their own set of values? What kind of specialised training is necessary for educators to integrate values into existing programs? How can values-based education prepare students for lifelong learning in their communities? The LVEP has been created to try to fulfil that need

The purpose of LVEP is to provide guiding principles and tools for the development of the whole person, recognising that the individual is comprised of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

In the UK this values-based education programme is being used in homes, parenting groups, nurseries, primary and secondary schools, education departments and prisons.

Living Values: an Educational Programme is a partnership among educators around the world; supported by UNICEF; sponsored by the Spanish Committee of UNICEF, Planet Society of UNESCO and the Brahma Kumaris, in consultation with the Education Cluster of UNICEF (New York).


for further information contact:

Lynn Henshall
LVEP Co-ordinator
Global Co-operation House
65 Pound Lane
London NW10 2HH


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