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Global Co-operation House
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A worldwide initiative for peace...

Sunday 17 September: 3.00pm - 5.30pm - WEMBLEY ARENA

The just-a-minute (j-a-m) launch event at Wembley Arena on September 17th 2006 will demonstrate how much positive change can be effected in literally just a minute through the power of a silent and peaceful mind.

The afternoon show will include leading artists from pop, sacred, world and classical music backgrounds, alongside a cutting-edge, multi-media presentation featuring celebrities, politicians, dancers and community heroes from across the world sharing the power of 'just a minute' in their own lives.

Join the j-a-m along with Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees; Lynne Franks , author and PR guru; Lucinda Drayton and Andy Blisset of Bliss ; comedienne Ruby Wax ; the first practicing Muslim Female Band Ulfah Collective ; Michael Timothy formerly with Massive Attack; percussionist David Jones ; the Zamar Gospel Choir ; TV Presenter Tania Brier and three remarkable women yogis who lead the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

Dedicated to the United Nations' International Day of Peace.

For more information visit the officicial JAM website:

We anticipate a high volume of bookings and so encourage you to reserve your tickets early to avoid disappointment. You may book up to four tickets at a time. To reserve your FREE tickets for the j-a-m launch event please call the Wembley Arena box office on: (020) 8902 4141




Sunday 1 October: 2.00pm - 5.30pm

Do you feel as if the fast forward button on your life is permanently pressed? Learn to press 'pause' and reconnect with the things that make you feel truly alive.

Speakers: Sister Jayanti, European Director of Brahma Kumaris, & Geoff Marlow, business advisor, executive coach & meditation teacher


DIWALI - The Festival of Lights
Thursday 19 October at 7pm

Programme in Hindi and English




CHRISTMAS PANTO - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A delicious Christmas show for all the family a chocolaty feast of music and dance, colour and magic

Friday 8th - 7.30pm
Saturday 9th - 2.30 and 6pm
Sunday 10th - 2.30 and 6pm
Monday 11th - 7.30pm
Saturday 16th - 2.30pm

By Ticket Only - pre booking is essential

Tickets available from 1 November
Please send a self-addressed envelope and state time and date of performance and your telephone number

Christmas Panto telephone: (020) 8727 3418




Sundays 2:00pm – 5.30pm






03 Sep - Courage In Daily Life (an event for Men)

Living honestly, doing what you believe to be right and following a spiritual path takes a lot of courage.

Speaker: Sashin Shah is the director of an IT management consultancy and, in his spare time, heads up a major international IT project for the Brahma Kumaris and supports his family.

Hosted by: Spirituality and Men (SAM) - a self-development programme, exploring spiritual solutions to the challenges facing men in the 21 st century through meditation, talks, workshops and sharings from the heart.


24 Sep - Rhythm, Writing & Reflection

Discovering your creative core

Speaker: Sue Emery




01 Oct - Why it is that Good is Bad and Bad is Good (an event for Men)

We are living in a topsy-turvy world where its cool to be bad. Get things back in perspective with the help of Mike George.

Speaker: Mike George is a best selling author with a penetrating spiritual analysis of what is really going on in the world.

Hosted by: Spirituality and Men (SAM) - a self-development programme, exploring spiritual solutions to the challenges facing men in the 21 st century through meditation, talks, workshops and sharings from the heart


15 Oct - Time Mastery

How to create time, find time and make time for what really matters

Speaker: Geoff Marlow, business advisor, executive coach & meditation teacher


22 Oct - The Mind/Body Equation

Creating the relaxation habit

Speaker: Dr Prashant Kakode, Director of the Integrated Medical Centre, Cambridge.




05 Nov - Living With Compassion (an event for Men)

One of the greatest spiritual qualities that we can develop is compassion.

Speaker: Paul Ryan, an advisor for visually impaired children and a meditator for over 25 years, will explore the beauty and depth of a virtue that makes us more complete and whole.

Hosted by: Spirituality and Men (SAM) - a self-development programme, exploring spiritual solutions to the challenges facing men in the 21 st century through meditation, talks, workshops and sharings from the heart


12 Nov - The Power of Visualisation

A picture is worth a thousand words

Speakers: Maureen Goodman & Gina Lazenby


19 Nov - The Healing Art of Kindness

Ways to nurture and empower human kindness in communities



Thursdays 7.00pm – 8.30pm





14 Sept - Love who you are, Love what you do

It's simple. Life is one big game of energy. And love, as you have heard before, is the key. Imagine yourself brimming with enthusiasm and zest for life. Imagine tapping into an infinite source of real inspiration and contentment. Imagine living each day loving who you are and loving what you do. Now... imagine turning this vision into reality...

In this lecture Nikki de Carteret will be sharing spiritual tools for unleashing a flow of love in your life where everything you dreamed of, and is right for you, is possible.

Speaker: Nikki de Carteret's professional and mystical journeys intersect in business, media and spirituality. A former TV producer and journalist, she holds a master's degree from the Sorbonne in medieval literature. Nikki is an international speaker, author and executive coach whose passion is designing processes that enable people and organisations to initiate positive change. Since 1992 she has worked in the Middle East with key catalysts involved in human development, education, business and governmental reform. Nikki has been a teacher of meditation for 23 years.
Author of bestseller "Soul Power"


21 Sep - The Significance of Synchronicity

Speaker: Helen Sayers


28 Sep - The Healing Power of Silence

Speaker: Sister Jayanti, European Director of Brahma Kumaris




05 Oct - How to be Friends with your Family

Speaker: Neville Hodgkinson


12 Oct - In the Light of Meditation

Speaker: Mike George


26 Oct - 3 Ways to Deal with all Problems

Speaker: Arti Lal




02 Nov - Open to Inspiration

Speaker: Christine Bell


09 Nov - Focusing - Living from the Inside Out

Speaker: Brian Bacon


16 Nov - Freedom - a State of Mind

Speaker: Lotta Arbman


23 Nov - Dealing with Death

Speakers: Jim Ryan & Davina Lloyd


30 Nov - Gratitude - Not Taking Life for Granted

Speaker: Patricia German




14 Dec - The Spirit of Giving





regular events

creative meditation: weekly

women's self awareness: weekly

spirituality and men: monthly

heal the world: monthly





Experience peace, inner strength and wisdom through 'yoga for the mind'

Learn how to:

  • meditate
  • experience the beauty of the true self
  • understand the nature of consciousness
  • connect with the Divine
  • use your 8 spiritual powers

Evenings: 7:00pm - 8:30pm every Monday AND Wednesday for 3 weeks (6 sessions in all) - it is essential to attend all six sessions.

Mornings: 10:00am - 11:30am every Monday AND Wednesday for 3 weeks (6 sessions in all) - it is essential to attend all six sessions.

Starts: 4 September, 2 October, 6 November

Intermediate courses are available for those who have completed the Introductory Course - Mondays and Wednesdays for 4 weeks

details on meditation course




Explore the power and influence of thought and the impact of positive attitudes

Learn how to:

  • become a master of your thoughts and feelings
  • tap into the natural positivity of the mind
  • finish energy-draining self-talk and language
  • improve the quality of your relationships
  • remain free from negative influence and pressure

Evenings: 7:00pm - 8:30pm every Wednesday for 4 weeks

Starts: 6 September, 4 October, 8 November

details on positive thinking course




Stress is simply a messenger guiding us back to a state of balance and health

Learn how you can:

  • identify the root causes of stress
  • move from fearing change to embracing it
  • protect yourself from negative and stressful influences
  • recognise the role of expectation in creating stress
  • discover the spiritual core at the heart of harmonious relationships

Evenings: 7:00pm - 8:45pm every Tuesday for 4 weeks

Starts: 14 November

details on stress free living course




Discover the secrets of self-esteem and uncover the way to a happy and balanced life

Learn how to:

  • know yourself - introduce yourself to the 'you' you'd like to be
  • accept yourself - identify and work with your strengths and uniqueness
  • empower yourself - explore qualities and techniques that support healthy relationships
  • become yourself - realise your aim and step towards success and freedom

Evenings: 7:00pm - 8:45pm every Tuesday for 4 weeks

Starts: 5 September


details on self-esteem course




It's time to become the master over anger and not it's servant!

  • Understanding the underlying causes of anger
  • The effects of anger on our well-being
  • Using our energy in a more productive way

Evenings: 7:00pm - 8:45pm every Tuesday for 4 weeks

Starts: 3 October


regular events

Creative Meditation

Every Friday evening 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Access your inner peace and power through guided meditations, in a light and informal atmosphere.
Open to beginners and experienced meditators alike.


Women's Self-awareness Group

Every Tuesday morning 10.30am - 12 noon

Ongoing workshops and enlightening talks for women of all ages in an atmosphere of trust and friendship.

A platform to explore inner qualities and potential in order to become a positive influence at home, at work and in the community at large.


Heal the World

1st Sunday of every month 6.15pm - 7.30pm

An hour of meditation for world peace with commentaries, music & images.
Come together to give the gift of good wishes, kind feelings and positive thoughts to the world and our fellow inhabitants.

Join us at Global Co-operation House



Spirituality & Men

1st Sunday of every month 2pm - 5.15pm

A self-development group run by men for men

Spirituality and Men is a self-development meeting for men, aiming to explore the spirit of man through informative dialogue, honest interaction and the silence of meditation.

Each meeting explores a specific topic, through personal sharings, readings and song, and is interspersed with silent reflections and guided meditation.

Free of charge. All men welcome

For further information please contact:

John McConnel
Tel: 07985 658 921

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