peace of mind • inner stability
self-awareness • self-realisation

Through meditation we learn to harness the tremendous energy that we have within our own being. We do this by thinking purposeful, empowering and focused thoughts. It is a practice that enables us to quieten the mind at any time so that we may be nourished and strengthened by our own inner peace and stillness.

The foundation course in meditation

The University's Foundation Course in Meditation, often referred to as Raja Yoga meditation, incorporates the following core curriculum:


Developing self-awareness and self-understanding to realise one's true spiritual identity and nature. In the meditative state, the self is experienced as conscious energy taking the form of a point of light. This spiritual energy, the soul, is experienced as both different and separate from the material body.


The role of the mind, and the interplay between the mind, the intellect and the personality is studied. The meditator learns to quieten and direct the mind, allowing the conscience to be clearly heard. Conscious awareness of the soul is then developed, allowing full understanding of the self.

relationship with God

As meditation helps consciousness move beyond self-limiting beliefs, the presence of God is experienced in the state of meditation.

natural spiritual laws

Understanding the deep philosophy of action, also known as the law of cause and effect, enables us to purposefully choose right thoughts and actions. With this knowledge we can powerfully affect the direction and quality of our life.

cycle of time

Time is perceived as moving in cycles, and life as a whole is presented as an unlimited drama on the world stage. This perspective of time and constantly changing scenes restores the ability to find meaning and significance in what is happening in the world around us.

the tree of life

The beauty of the different world religions is depicted through the tree of life. Each religion, as a branch of the one tree, has its own unique value and role. All branches of the tree have come originally from the one source, the seed of the human world tree, God.

enhancing inner strength

As the practice of meditation leads to an experience of inner strength, practical methods are offered to help shape and direct spiritual power into accurate and effective responses and actions in daily life.

principles for a spiritual lifestyle

With an improved level of self-understanding comes the awareness of how behaviour and lifestyle - including diet, regular spiritual study and the practice of meditation - can complement and enhance spiritual development in daily life.

development of spiritual values

Emphasis is given to understanding of the power of values and the importance of reviewing and renewing our spiritual values at the deepest level of our life.

Raja Yoga Meditation Courses:

Days and times are for the main London Centre:
Global Co-operation House,
Willesden Green
London NW10

Evenings 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Every Monday AND Wednesday for 3 weeks
(6 sessions in all) - It is essential to attend all six sessions.


Mornings 10:00am - 11:30am

Every Monday AND Wednesday for 4 weeks
(8 sessions in all) - It is essential to attend all eight sessions

Starts: 4 Sept, 2 Oct, 6 Nov


Please arrive a few minutes early to register on the first day of the course. Thank you


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