be the most positive person you know

Learn how to use your mind in a positive and focused way.


The energy of the human mind is thought. Thought is said to be one of the greatest, but least understood, energy resources of the universe. When we learn to understand and harness the energy of the mind, we are able to master our lives and produce those thoughts that give the most happiness and fulfillment.

Structure of the Course


Getting to Know My Mind

What is the mind? How can we change our patterns of thinking? This first session will help us develop a deeper understanding of the mind and will also include exercises in developing positive thought.


Taking Control of Life's Experiences

How can we become free of the many things that influence us at home and at work? How do we maintain our self-respect? This session explores the benefits that clear, accurate thinking can bring to one's personal life.


Developing Positive Self-awareness

What is the energy that drives our thinking? To what extent is it an internal or external process? And what is my real identity?


Creating my own Reality

Freedom is the basic right of every individual, but freedom of choice automatically implies personal responsibility for one's actions. To keep a balance we need to recognise our rights as well as our duties and understand the consequences of our actions.

Positive Thinking Courses:

Days and times are for the main London Centre:
Global Co-operation House,
Willesden Green

courses start:

Evenings 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Every Wednesday for 4 weeks


Starts: 6 September, 4 October, 8 November

Please arrive a few minutes early to register on the first day of the course.

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