prison support services

The Brahma Kumaris recognise and appreciate the contribution which prison staff make to society, often under very difficult circumstances, and offers support through a variety of forums. Seminars, workshops and courses are provided on stress management, positive thinking, meditation, self-managing leadership and values development.

In addition, each year a joint working group of prison staff and teachers from the Brahma Kumaris organise a residential seminar at the Global Retreat Centre near Oxford. Topics have included: 'Caring from the Inside', 'Putting Values to Work', 'Vision to Reality'. Keynote speakers have included the late John Marriot, former Governor of Parkhurst; Andrew Coyle and Sir David Ramsbotham, HM Inspector of Prisons. Several hundred people working in, or supporting, different areas of the Prison Service have taken benefit from these seminars since they started in 1994.

Much work is also done with prisoners, who respond well to the practical courses in positive thinking, meditation and self-esteem through which they are able to re-evaluate their approach to life and make meaningful and useful changes.

Our teachers/facilitators work on a voluntary basis. They are skilled in the presentation of materials and have experience of working in the prison environment. Our teaching activities are backed up by a variety of books and tapes, a number of which are available from prison libraries, courtesy of the Prism Trust.

Internationally, such has been the acceptance of the work of the Brahma Kumaris that in a few prisons, permanent meditation centres have been established. In Mauritius, Positive Thinking has been incorporated into the training programme at the Prison Officers' Training School.

for further information contact:

Doug Stephenson
Global Retreat Centre
Nuneham Park
Nuneham Courtenay
Oxford OX44 9PJ
Tel: 01865-343 551


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