peace of mind

We live in a society in which stress is a constant influence in our life. It may be difficult people, challenging situations, the past, the future or even our own thoughts. As the pressure builds up we find ourselves reacting more and more to even the smallest of irritations because we have allowed ourselves to be affected by them.

When we search for peace, we go outside for it, we go to physical things to make us feel better: food, drink, people, places, etc. They may help for a short while. What we've forgotten though is that the peace is within us - we won't find it outside - it's peace of mind we want.

The food of the mind is thoughts. It's our own thoughts that make us peaceful or peaceless. Negative thoughts deplete us of energy and create tension in the mind. Whereas positive thoughts stabilise and re-empower us.

Have a workshop with yourself. Take some time to sit quietly and look at your state of mind and the quality of your thoughts. Simply watch, don't ask yourself any questions, such as why. Then chase away any peacelessness and unhappiness by talking to yourself with love and filling your mind with the treasures of peace and happiness.

Dadi Janki


(more reflections will follow)